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OK, let us discover how yoga for diabetes helps.

Yoga, like its sister medicine Ayurveda was developed in India more than ten thousand years ago. Yoga simply teaches a natural way of living. On a physical level yoga exercises has tangible benefits on health and wellbeing.

Yoga therapy works to create harmony and balance though the help of physical exercise, cleansing methods, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. As a form of alternative therapy, yoga has succeeded to provide cure and relief in many diseases, including diabetes.

What Are The Benefits?

A number of studies show that yoga can dramatically improve blood glucose level within a short period of time. Reduces waste line, which is very important to control in order to avoid chances of developing cardiovascular diseases - common amongst diabetecs. Assists to cope or eliminate stress and anxiety, which contributes to high blood sugar.

Yogic management of diabetes is truly one of the most natural ways, especially if you have type 2 diabetes , as often type two is caused by poor lifestyle habits. Yoga for diabetes can also bring great relief if you suffer from type 1.

Yoga has almost endless poses, which can make the practice quite fun. You will soon notice positive results, both within your physical practice and how it effects your daily life. Deep relaxations will leave you calm and balanced longer and will enable to better cope with the disease.

Which Type of Yoga?

There are many types of yoga. It is best to find kind of yoga that serves your personality and fitness level. Also important that you find a good teacher and learn from him or her. I strongly recommend my teacher for years Margherita, with gentle yet powerful approach to yoga she supports the need of each individual, click to find out more.

The most popular yoga types known in the West are

• Ashtanga - a dynamic form of yoga;

• Hatha has a more gentle flowing sequence of practice;

• Iyangar is a softer form of Hatha Yoga and may suit best if you have a big waste line, or a very low fitness level.

Remember to always speak to the instructor and explain your particular medical conditions.

Yogic Exercises

Yogic breathing

For the treatment of diabetes, Swami Satyananda Saraswati in the book, Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha, along with nutritional special diet, recommends following sequences of practice:

Physical practice or Asana

• Surya namaskara or Sun Salutations,

• Gomukasana, or cow face;

• Shavasana - Corpse pose

Breathing exercise, or Pranayama

• Ujjayi (the physic breath)

• Nadi shodana (psychic network purification)

• Bhramari (humming bee breath)

Shatkarma - Cleansing methods

• Neti

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