What is stress and can it be positive?

"Nerves and butterflies are fine - they're a physical sign that you're mentally ready and eager." - Steve Bull

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What is stress? Stress is good. Surprising? Stress hormones are ancient response to the stressors, and are designed to protect your body.

The moment stress attacks, your subconscious mind recognizes threat, and goes through number of physiological activities, in order to provide extra energy to fight against stress or run away from it. This is known as “run or flight”.

Look at your body's physiological results of strains and tensions and let us see how these responses protect.

The hormones that begin the stress response come from adrenal glands. They secrete hormones they make directly into the bloodstream. The adrenals are also very near to liver and the pancreas; both organs involved in the stress response and therefor need to have rapid access to adrenal hormones.

When the body perceives stress, adrenal glands produce adrenaline; aldosterone, which helps to regulate sodium level; the sex hormones oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone; and cortisol.

• Heart rate rises. This moves blood with glucose and oxygen faster to your muscles to have more energy.

• Blood vessels supplying blood to the lungs, heart, skeletal muscles and brain widen. This leads to higher blood pressure to counteract the possibility of a rapid drop in blood pressure, just in case you are wounded.

• The liver releases stored carbohydrate into bloodstream as glucose and your body starts to make more glucose from your own body protein.

• Cortisol levels also rise because it is a natural anti-inflammatory hormone and your body assumes you may need it to heal yourself.

• Cholesterol levels may also rise because it is the start material for making cortisol and all the other adrenal hormones.

• In the meantime digestive systems comes to a hault as the body assumes it needs all its energy to fight, not to sit and eat.

Body reactions are interrelated and work in harmony. As a result of this harmonious functions you can benefit from stress.

During the state of stress you can achieve many positives. Manage demanding business meetings, interviews, exams, do well at competitive sports and become more alert and sharp.

What is stress then, your friend or a demon?

It is harmful only when the balance between constant demands of stressful situations, and your body’s ability to cope with them are mismatched, harmful diseases will start to manifest. Stress depletes your body and leaves to deal with the simptoms of stress, anger, and anxiety.

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