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Natural health

What is Naturopathy? It is a form of an alternative medicine, which emphasises body’s natural ability to heal itself. Naturopathy, or Natural Medicine, believes that nature know it best.

Do you lack energy? Feel fatigue? Feel the need to improve health and vitality?

Naturopathy will assist to get your energy level back. It can also be useful for chronic ailments, such as cancer, breakdown in the immune system. Naturopathy is effective in the treatment of

• Obesity

• High blood pressure

• Arthritis and rheumatism

• Allergies

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As it is common amongst alternative methods of treatments, naturopathy primarily treats person, not a disease. It also tries to understand the root of the problems and makes aware of own body.

During the healing process it is common to experience healing “side effects”, and return of old “forgotten” illnesses, especially those that were temporarily covered up.


Naturopathies history goes back to Hippocrates era 400BC and is an advocate of living in harmony with the nature. Patients are often are advised to spend time in the nature and fresh air, exercise and eat wholefood and follow nutritional diet. Following methods are often suggested to cure various diseases:

• Diet and fasting

• Physical adjustments - such as osteopathy techniques to align the spine, muscles and joins.

• Hydrotherapy

• Exercise, positive thinking and relaxation

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