Lack energy? Don't panic - but be aware of the warning signs diabetes reveal.

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Observe early warning signs diabetes show. Listen to your body. Clarity will help you to make necessary lifestyle changes to avoid diabetes, or bring the disease to a manageable level. Continue to lead healthy and happy life. Yes you can!

Check out these early symptoms of the diabetes.


• Frequent urination;

• Feeling of thirst and excessive drinking;

• Increased appetite;

• Tiredness and loss of energy;

• Blared vision;

• Weight loss;

• Frequent infections

These symptoms are characteristic to type one diabetes, and are severe.

On the other hand type two diabetes warning signs develop more slowly and progressively. Symptoms are similar to the type one, but less server, therefore a person can have an undiagnosed illness, which only shows during a routine medical check up.

Unfortunately this is common. Major type two early symptoms are lower energy level, urinate in the night. In general, it is easy to overlook the signs of ill health, and blame modern sedentary and busy lifestyle.

Is it dangerous? Very!

Read what may happen if types one and two diabetes are left untreated.

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