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Vegan Weight Loss

Is vegan weight loss just a fancy name of healthy eating? Are you sceptical about weight loss diets?

Does vegan diet help to loose weight? Sure it does, like any other balanced healthy diet.

What is Vegan? Vegans exclude all kind of animal related products, and that includes skin care products, cloth we were, food we eat.

Vegan diet is based on plant, NO not just broccoli and cucumber, but delicious high nutritional food rich in protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals Click Here to discover what you should know about this tasty diet.

Since healthy eating equals to successful weight loss, then vegan diet is certainly one of the healthiest diets you can adopt. Perhaps that is a reason why so many turn to vegan diet, at least aim to eat more plant based food, fruit and vegetables, if not 100%.

Vegan Hemp

Kristen Suzanne's Ultimate Raw Vegan Hemp Recipes is a must have. Contains 71 delicious recipes.

Why is vegan diet healthy?

• Low in fat and rich in fruit and vegetables

• No saturated fat, low in salt and free of cholesterol

• Lower risk of chronic disease – heart, diabetes, kidney stones, cancer of breast and colon

• Reduces inflammation of acute rheumatoid arthritis, controlling asthma, correcting intestinal dysbiosis

• No cow milk allergy

• No transmitters of food poisoning associated with meat, cheese, eggs.

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