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Stress effects on health is a chain reaction. In order to be healthy your body and hormones need to be in balance. Adrenal glands produce various hormones during stress. One of the functions of cortisol is to convert body protein to glucose for extra energy.

If the state of worry and anxiety is frequent, and it is not adequately counteracted through various healing methods, over time adrenal glands become exhausted by the need to produce high levels of cortisol. That leads to extreme fatigue and exhaustion and are unable to fight back to your stressors.

Extra cortisol slows down thyroid function. That counteracts the breakdown of the body tissue, which is a common phenomenon when the body is breaking down during constant stress and not rebuilding itself. Thyroid controls the rate of your body metabolism.

If you are going through menopause, slowing down your thyroid function is especially bad. Before menopause oestrogen, your female hormones are produced by ovaries, however afterwards adrenal glands take care of the function.

If your adrenal function is depleted due to stress it will be very difficult to produce oestrogen.

Stress management techniques and good nutrition, together with holistic healing methods are very important to rebuild adrenal glands and improve overall health.

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