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Stress causes may have changed throughout the centuries, but our response to stress was already coded when the first cave person appeared on the planet. For him, causes of the stress often came from the attack of wild animals, and therefore such causes were truly life and death matter. Brave cavemen had inherited vital instincts to fight against animals.

Little changed since and we no longer fight with tigers and dinosaurs. However instincts stayed the same. In other words, our body can not rationally judge, whether we are really under life threatening attack, or agitated because we are held in the traffic.

Check some common stress and depression causes, Can you recognize any?

• Deadlines at Work

• Demanding Boss

• Strict Parents

• Exams

• Unhappy Relations

• Money Problems

You may be unaware of hidden stressors

• Food Sensitivity and Allergies

• Undiagnosed Infection

• Poor Blood Glucose Control

• Poor Diet, sleep

• Excessive Exercise, Dehydration

• Drugs

• Exposure to Pollution and Toxins

Or may have combination of stressors.

If that is the case, your body is constantly under attack, and requires extra energy to confront them. May be craving for sugar, caffeine, extra food. Adding diesel to the fire, not the holistic healing to treat your body.

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