History of Herbal medicine, the oldest amongst traditional Falk Medicines

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History of Herbal medicine starts with the history of humankind. It probably is the oldest Falk medicine, which has been used by ancient civilizations, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Romans. For centuries Herbal medicine was passed verbally to the next generation until Samuel Thomson and Albert Coffin in the 18th century started to document that ancient wisdom.

Herbal Medicine uses plants or parts of the plants. Herbal treatment uses leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and roots. It is especially effective when the symptoms appear in the early stages of the development. However the healing process is lengthy and may not suit in the emergencies.

Like other Falk remedies Herbs assist the healing process. Studies suggest that patients who adopt herbal medicine treatments reduce their dependency on drugs.

As preventative medicine, herbs succeed to help eliminate toxins from the body, maintain healthy colon, aid digestion. There are many herbal supplements. The herb based capsules, Colosan, is a great aid to healthful living.

Why like Coloson in particular? The obvious reason is it helps to eliminate built up toxins in the body, which is root of many illnesses. You can read more by clicking this link.


If you recognize following symptoms below then Herbal medicine could help you to your journey of recovery.

• Do you have a tendency to catch flue and bugs easily?

• Are you breathless?

• Have high blood pressure?

• Slight memory loss?

Herbal treatments also show good results if you are going through menopause as some herb based medicines can assist to ease the symptoms associated with the menopause

• Dry skin, hot flushes.

• Assists digestion

• Poor circulation

• Leg ulcers

• Some Herbal anti inflammatory properties respond well to the treatment of Cystitis

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