Balance doshas, discover top Ayurvedic healthy living tips

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If you discovered your dosha, you can use ayurvedic healthy living tips, and make most of the Ayurvedic medicine. Use the guidelines, and change your lifestyle according to your individual body type and needs.


Are you Vata?

Look at your balancing points. You may feel easily nervous and stressed, this is because you love variety but if you seek changes too often it can lead you to exhaustion. Follow Dr. Chopra’s guidelines below:

• Get plenty of rest –Rest for at least 5 minutes in between your activities, but do it frequently. Getting adequate sleep is your top priority. The best aid to relaxation besides sleep is provided by meditation.

• Stay warm – make sure the air in your room has enough humidity, avoid draft.

• Eat regularly –get nourishing food every day. Moist food is especially good for you.

• Drink lots of warm fluid –avoid dehydration, cold food and drink.

• Massage your body - use sesame oil every morning

• Take a long, warm bath in the morning – moist heat is good for you

• Avoid mental strains – don’t listen to laud music, violent movies, ban TV in the evening.

• Make your surrounding light and bright – Add colour to your life

• Avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine – especially when you are trying to balance Vata

• Look after your nasal passages – particularly in winter and dry climate, use sesame oil to gently message nostrils with your figures.

Pitta healthy living tips


Think moderation

• Coolness – keep your bedroom at 70 degree and don’t linger too long in the hot bath, drink cool, sweet juice such as apple and grape juice.

• Incorporate leisure activities in your daily life.

• Do not overeat – because Pitta has a strong digestion tendency is to go over.

• Expose yourself to natural beauty – enjoy outdoors as much as possible, watch the full moon, walk beside lakes and running water.

• Balance rest and activity –eat quiet dinner, turn off TV, resist temptation to work at home.

• Use meditation as a tool to bring calm and equilibrium.

• Decreased stimulants –alcohol and coffee put kerosene on the Pitta fire, take pure food, water, air.

• Laugh –it’s the best medicine for aggravated Pitta that nature has advised.

Kapha healthy living tips

Focus on Stimulation.

By nature you are steady and slow; this leads to strength and dependability, but out of balance can stagnate.

• Seek variety in life – make conscious effort to seek new experiences, discovering new, fresh looks of life will help to combat depression.

• Meditation helps – it will allow discovering alertness in your nature.

• Do not overeat – especially that you have a tendency to gain weight. Drink ginger tea, favour dry food, and eat raw vegetables.

• Reduce sweetness – avoid ice cream, milk, wheat and butter. You will see dramatic difference between runny nose, blocked sinuses, allergies.

• Stay warm and avoid dampness

• Perform dry message – 5 to 10 minutes is good enough

• Drink warm fluid

• Exercise regularly – avoid stagnation and the build up of toxins in the body, you benefit from exercise better than anyone else.

Be honest with yourself. Often Kapha’s can handle pain better than others, do not rely on that stay in bed and get well if you are ill, allow friends and family to care for you.

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