Health Benefits of Yoga, Ayurvedic Exercise According to Your Dosha

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Ayurveda and health benefits of yoga closely relate to each other.

According to Ayurveda we all have dominant doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. We are happy and healthy when the doshas are balanced. In order to achieve the balance, ayurveda suggests correct diet and exercise designed according to individual doshas, the yoga practice is an integral part of ayurvedic exercise regime.

Yoga benefits best when they are designed according to your body type. And it makes sense, every Body is different, so why should your practice be the same?

For example, if you complain from Vata type problems, you may want to incorporate stress relieving practice. If you tend to overheat and get irritated then you will benefit from cooling and calming yoga session, or if you feel heavy, then dynamic style will suit the best. Click for a premium Yoga Video Studio streaming the best Yoga Classes, Pilates Exercises and Meditation Practices on demand anytime anywhere in DVD quality with Top teachers.

In Ayurvedic terms how you practice is also important. You want to make sure that the exercise brings more energy than takes it away. Ayurveda also suggests exercising half of our capacity. Try running for 5 kilometres even if you can run for 10.

Ayurveda emphesises health benefits of yoga and encourages practice of short, connecting routines such as

• Sun Salutations

• Gentle yoga postures

• Breathing exercises

Click here to discover your body type and design the exercise, which suits the best:

Vata body type - focus on lightness

Vatta dosha

• Yoga, walking stretching, balancing sequences, light exercise is all good.

• Don’t push yourself too hard, as it can aggravate Vata.

• Aim half hour gentle program every day

Pitta body type – focus on moderation

pitta dosha

• Pitta’s endurance and drive is high. In moderation enjoy active sports such as skiing, hiking, climbing.

• Pitta type commonly fall into the trap of overdoing due to sense of intense competition, so watch your limits if you are Pitta.

• Try to walk for half hour every day, swim to relieve daily tension

• Winter sports and outdoor activities are particularly appealing.

Kapha body type – focus on moderately heavy program

Kapha dosha

• Strong, steady energy is characteristic, physical strength gives endurance for physically demanding sports.

• Kapha favours weight training exercise but should incorporate activities that gets the circulation going.

• In winter focus on indoor sports, such as aerobics and dance classes.

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