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“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” – Hippocrates – 460-377 BC

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Open any magazine and you will find food nutrition guide, and food nutrition facts of some form. Ironically often we have to face the consequences of poor diet, such as obesity, diabetes, poor skin, and cardiovascular problems, to rediscover and start to appreciate ingredients of health given to us directly from the nature.

Hippocrates made the statement about food in the fifth century BC, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, which is still valid. Doctor, philosopher and the founder of the Western medicine strongly believed in the holistic healing power of food and nutritional diet. He related the cause of any illnesses to poor nutrition and ill eating habits.

Organic food We all have a potential to be the healthiest. With correct dietary guidelines it is absolutely possible to look and feel vibrant. It can also help to fight flue, herpes, strengthen immune system.

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What is correct food nutrition guide? It is very good question if you asked. Before attempting to make drastic changes to your diet it is strongly recommended to understand how food interacts with the body.

Food is not simply to eat in order to satisfy hunger or taste buds. It serves the body in many ways. But how it serves depends on the food you supply to yourself. Think of a car engine. If you look after it, use high quality fuel, the car runs smoothly, opt for low quality and the engine gets congested, and eventually starts to break down.

So is your body. If you supply your body with junk food most of the time than your system fills up with toxins and eventually some or all parts start to malfunction, hence leading to ill health.

Digestion and detoxification, weight, skin conditions, cardio health, immune systems are very closely related to food we consume. Therefore understanding how they relate to our health and well being is critical. The knowledge is a powerful tool you can use to make necessary changes not only in your diet but in your life.

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