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Diabetes? diabetes types? and insulin function? Let us get clear about diabetes and the function of insulin in the simplest way.

We all heard that food is energy. But food has to travel a long journey before it is converted to energy. Look at your food as a traveller in your body, which has a specific destination and mission to accomplish.

Major source of energy food are carbohydrates, such as wheat, potato, cereals, rice, which metabolise to a sugar, or glucose. Sugar then goes into your bloodstream; once it reaches your blood, it has to be taken out from the bloodstream and put into cells, where it finally can be used as energy.


However, sugar as a traveller, can only reach its final stopping point, if it has the ticket for the final destination, or cells. The ticket is a hormone, called insulin. Without insulin there is no access to the cells. This is the problem of diabetics.

Your body’s insulin supply comes from pancreas, a gland that lies beneath your stomach. You also have beta cells, which are responsible to secrete insulin. After the meal these cells detect rise in sugar in the blood and they immediately release insulin into your bloodstream. This allows glucose to enter cells and can be burnt as fuel for your body.

There are 2 major types of diabetes.

Type One Diabetes

Type one diabetes is when the person doesn’t have accompanying insulin, or can not make sufficient enough to lead the glucose in the cells. Type 1 diabetics become insulin dependant and must get it from the outside sources.

The reason why type 1 develops and the history of diabetes is still unclear, but there is a version that the body does not recognize insulin producing pancreas cells and as an autoimmune function destroys them in the body.

Often type one is diagnosed in the early childhood, therefore referred as ‘juvenile-onset diabetes’.

Type Two Diabetes


Type 2 is commonly diagnosed later in life, and is referred as ‘adult - onset diabetes.’ In type 2 diabetes, pancreas is able to produce insulin, but the entrance of the cells for the glucose and insulin is blocked.

It is often the result of many years of unhealthy lifestyle, stress, poor diet; therefore it can be prevented and in many cases reversed. That is good news. On the flip side, in the recent years type 2 started to occur amongst children as well.

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