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Diabetes ayurvedic medicine is a carefully preserved method of treatment. Auyrveda has originated in India over 5000 years ago. It is translated as life knowledge, or science of life.


Auyrveda treatment is effective as it dwells to the roots of the problem and is essentially a preventative healing medicine. Ayurvedic medicine can bring great relief to most illness including diabetes. If you are looking for alternative solutions to diabetes related problems go to India Herbs where you find full list of Ayurvedic products for the desease. Ayurveda is based on five elements:

• Earth

• Water

• Air

• Fire

• Ether (space)

These form three life forces, or doshas.

• Vata (metabolic force in the stomach centre)

• Kapha (fluid force centred in the lungs)

• Pitta (driving force seated in the colon)

Our body is composed of all three, but one or two doshas are dominant. Click here to discover your dosha To maintain health and well being Ayurveda aims to achieve balance between these forces through daily and seasonal routines including ayurvedic diet, exercise, meditation and relaxation.

According to physicians, diabetes is a Kapha imbalance. If you have diabetes, your metabolic fire - agni is diminished, which leads to high blood glucose level.

During diabetes ayurvedic medicine assessment you can expect that the practitioner will ask questions about your past and present lifestyle. He or she will examine pulse, tongue, urine, and stool. Your eyes, skin, voice and general appearance will also be noted.

Ayurvedic specialists will most likely advice to follow Kapha pacifying diet.

• Avoid access sugar, fat and carbohydrates, such as white rice, potatoes.

• Increase intake of fresh vegetables, herbs and complex carbohydrates, such as cheakpea, oat, and brown rice.

• Control protein intake, as in access it can destroy the kidneys.

Alongside the diet, Auyrveda recommends daily meditation, breathing exercises, or pranayama, yoga and hydrotherapy; message, oiling, herbal medicine and cleansing program, Panchakarma is the most commonly used. To find out more how Ayurveda can help diabetes and find natural products to lower blood sugar visit India-herbs Click this link!

For the diabetes treatment Ayurveda recommends following herbs:

• Aloe vera – Has glucose lowering properties

• Bitter melon – Slows glucose absorbtion from the intestines, and reduces new glucose production in the liver.

• Coccinia indica – Claims to have insulin like action

• Fenugreek – In type 2 diabetes reduces blood glucose levels, improves glucose intolerance

• Gymnema sylvestre – Woody vine, translated as ‘killer of sweet’

• Holy basil – Used to reduce blood glucose and raised blood pressure.

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