Recognise Anxiety and Depression Symptoms, Take Charge of Emotional and Physical Wellbeing.

Bank to Stress

Recognising depression symptoms and the causes of it , a stress and anxiety outbreaks is already a step to heal your body and mind. Often we are not aware of the symptoms, which slowly poison nervous system and deteriorate health.

Stress, anxiety and depression are a painful cycle of constant worry, panic and tension. Often stress symptoms are overlooked, especially if they are not too severe. But remember nothing happens instantly. One little overlooked symptom today adds to another one tomorrow, until it becomes uncontrollable spiral of stress attacks.

We can be stressed because of our past experiences and unresolved issues. Every single cell in our body remembers past actions, we can never cheat subconscious mind, no matter how skilfully we cover up. Left unattended it adds layers to the stress iceberg foundation.

See if you can recognize these common anxiety symptoms.

• Feeling of fear and panic

• Constant worry

• Tension, nervousness

• Insomnia

• Lack of concentration, poor memory

• Feeling tired and exhausted

• Shortness of breath even when resting

• Palpitations / butterflies in stomach

• Lacking in confidence

• Low self-esteem / feeling of loneliness

• Eating disorders

• Excessive drinking or smoking

• Headaches and Migraines

• Emotional and cry easily

• Feeling dizzy, remote, unreal or faint

No need to panic. Recognize that anxiety and worries are not your fate, or hereditary disease. You can cure yourself from depression symptoms.

Find out simple daily techniques and lead yourself out from the blues.

Bank to Stress
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