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There are many methods of coping with daily stress. But The most powerful healing starts when you recognize you want to be healthy. Then you can take action towards better well being.

Do not be tempted to change your life overnight though. It took you more than a day to reach where you stand today, it will take time to reverse back.

Measure your success every day and recognize each positive change you make. Most importantly have fun with it. Living a healthy lifestyle is truly easy and enjoyable process.

Incorporate 10 easy daily stress relief steps in your life, and blow your blues away.

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1. Establish a secret language between you and your body.

Do you sometimes push away and hide from unpleasant feelings? Then you know it never helps. Resisting what your body is trying to tell, builds up tension and adds to the daily stress. You are less able to identify which emotions, thoughts and daily life routines have negative impact on your health.

Allow yourslef to feel negative emotions. It is more likely to identify roots of worries when you observe your feelings, hence easier it becomes to deal with them.

There is a voice inside you guiding in every situation, telling when to stop, cry, relax, smile; Follow those guidelines, make your inner self the best friend.

2. Keep a diary

Record daily routines for a week. Write down food and drink consumption, make notes of the daily exercise, and record what you do, who you spend time with.

Now look at the patterns of your lifestyle. Can you see the habits from the list below, which can be contributing to daily stress? Choose one a day, and change it.

• Do you consume sugar in access, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, and caffeine?

limit your caffeine intake, replace with herbal tea. Try organic herbal tea selection from Olive Leaf Natural Tea.

• Do you skip meals?

Eat three nutritional meals. If you have a garden why don't you try and grow your vegetables? See how easy it is and how eating home grown food can benefit you by checking this e-book My Organic Food Garden.

• Do you drink enough water?

Lucky enough to live in a hot country? or spend time in the heated office? top your water intake up.

• Do you smoke?

Please consider giving up, want to have a cigarette? Wait for another hour.

• Do you exercise regularly? or could you be putting yourself under stress with too much exercise?

Don't become an exercise junkie, find a park nearby and take a walk, use stairs instead of lift, go swimming, practice gentle yoga. Don't have much time? How about finding a quality yoga video guide for your level, click here.

4. Laugh

You don’t always have to have a reason to laugh, just laugh, and make it a habit. It will help to melt daily stress. Laughter gets rid of stuck emotions, and has a deep therapeutic value in restoring well being.

• Watch a comedy

• Listen to your favourite talk show

• Spend time with positive people

5. Be grateful

• List all the good things in your life, even as simple as ability to see the sunshine, breath fresh air, watch trees, walk, have a friend and be grateful.

• Feel fortunate to have all these goodness in life and cherish.

6. Yoga helps

According to medical scientists, yoga therapy is successful because of the balance created in the nervous and endocrine systems and organs in the body.

• Incorporate Yoga in the daily life. It is a combination of physical exercise, breathing techniques and meditation to promote healthy flow of energy in the physical body and calm mind. If you have not already tried take a look at My Yoga Online for inspirations and quality products.

• Even simple techniques assist deep relaxation and in general can make a big difference between feeling exhausted and alive.

• To balance and strengthen your nervous system, try yogic breathing technique.

7. Take a moment to meditate

Meditation is a tool to relax mind and body by letting go of the mind thoughts. This is achieved by concentrating on a single sound, object or activity. Meditation helps to combat stress and anxiety, by encouraging a brain state with profound relaxation.

Give your mind peace for 5 minutes every day. But do it regularly. Treat those minutes as sacred. Identify thoughts that don't serve and let go of them. To help you relax and unwind there is a great selection of meditation music and techniques available from

8. Listen to music

Music effects emotions and is a therapy itself. The sound of music touches deepest parts of your heart, and gently takes you to the place where your inner peace resides.

• Choose music, which brings happy memories, lifts your spirit.

• Listen to soothing, soft and relaxing sounds.

• Choose Nature Walk – slow and soft.

• Find music on Relaxation.

9. Volunteer

Giving is very healing. If you usually expect things in return of your efforts, try the opposite for a change. Give without expecting anything and even if you just get a smile as a reward, you feel great about yourself, needed and loved.

10. Look around your house

Yes, your home is the mirror of your life. What do you see? Is it messy? Things tend to pile everywhere?

Detox your house; give away stuff. Observe, what does the house really say about your life? Comfortable home is the first place to escape from daily stress.

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