Benefits of Alternative Medicine and Modern, Discover the Difference

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Nature and benefits of alternative medicine and modern are different although both have their respected places in medicine.

To understand the difference, think of organic harvest. Harvester, who produces organic food, uses natural techniques, encourages biological activity to restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. On the other hand, non-organic farming may use pesticides, and various chemicals.

Alternative or complementary medicine focuses on the healing ability within the body and pays particular attention to the preventative methods of treatments. Modern medicine concentrates on the actual disease cure. The complementary is helpful when we need to reach our natural resources to support daily life. Western medicine helps when the natural resources have broken down.

Holistic living

Benefits of alternative medicine go beyond physical. Health and well being through the eyes of complementary medicine encourages a person to feel

• Happy and content with life

• Experience joy

• Increase self esteem

• Absence of illness and diseases

Complementary medicine acknowledges that past traumas and unresolved emotions influence our health. One of the roles of the alternative methods of cure is to heal those past issues. Because of this approach, often patients are treated not just for the actual complaints but at a deeper level.

The alternative medicine practitioners commonly ask questions about past experiences, life style habits, emotional state to understand the “background symptoms” of the illness and select the best methods of treatments. That is why complementary medicine is concerned to treat people, rather than symptoms. Alternative medicine also uses natural remedies, such as herbs to treat various conditions.

Although referred as Modern Western medicine, it can be traced back to Hippocrates era, in the fourth century BC. Hippocrates believed that the whole individual should be studied and treated for good health. Other ancient school founders, such as one in Knidos, believed that the disease was an invader in the body, therefore should be destroyed.

Modern medicine is the most affective in the emergencies treatments such as

• Heart attach

• Pneumonia

• Broken bones, accidents

• Appendicitis

• Transplants

• Joint replacements etc

Western medicine should never be ignored. It can diagnose disease accurately using x-rays and scans, which helps to choose the methods of treatments that suits the best.

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