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So here is a fun bit, Discover your doshas, take Ayurvedic test, Select the trait under each category that most applies to you.

A - Responses correspond to vata

b - To pitta, and

c - To kapha.

When you are finished, calculate the results to discover your dominant constitution. Don’t forget no one is better than the other, it is just different.


a. Tall or very short

b. Medium

c. Usually short, but can be tall and large

Body Structure and weight

a. Thin, bony structure, lean

b. Moderate, developed

c. Large, well-built easy to gain weight

Skin Texture

a. Dry, rough, thin

b. Warm, oily

c. Cold, damp, thick


a. Small

b. Easily inflamed

c. Large, white


a. Dry, thin

b. Thin, oily

c. Thick, oily, wavy, lustrous


a. Crooked

b. Moderate, bleeding gums

c. Large, well-formed


a. Rough

b. Soft, pink

c. Soft, white


a. Scanty

b. Profuse but not enduring

c. Low to start but profuse


a. Cold, dryness, wind

b. Heat, sunlight, fire

c. Cold, damp


a. Pain, inflammation, nervous

b. Fever, Blood, liver

c. Congestion, mucous, lungs


a. Very mobile, restless

b. Moderate

c. Low, slowly


a. ____

b. ____

c. ____

You have your scores? Great! Take a look at the guidelines as sugested by Dr. Chopra in the book “Perfect Health” and discover what you can change in your lifestyle to improve your health.

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