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Ayurvedic diet is a direct message from the nature. According to Ayurveda we all have unique body constitution and dominant doshas. These principal doshas govern our metabolic function. Understanding metabolic functions will help to work with it in order to achieve good digestion, and health. Working against our body requirements, will lead to various digestive problems and ill-health.

Ayurvedic diet is natural and balanced. Ayurveda diet identifies six tastes, or rasas. Balanced diet must contain all six: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter, pungent – or spicy food, and astringent – the food which puckers the mouth, like tannin. Depending on your principal doshas you can incorporate Vata, Pitta, or Kapha pecifying diet to bring balance and harmony in the body.

If two persons have different body compositions, then eating identical lunch or dinner will have opposite reactions how they feel after the meal. For example, if the meal is predominantly cold, accompanied by refreshing chilled drinks and a sweet desert, then it could be ideal for a Pitta type person, but may aggravate Vata.

Ayurveda_cinnamon Since evrybody is different Ayurveda beleives that the diet can not be identically suitable for every individual. Knowing your dosha will help to devise dosha dominant diet for perfect balance.

What you eat is not the end story of the balanced diet. How you eat and correct environment also matter.

When thinking about doshas and a complementary diet think of balancing the opposites, for example, Vatta is a cold, dry dosha, therefore Vatta pacifying diet would involve the opposite, warm, nourishing food, usually associated with winter. Vatta types also tends to have erratic digestion, well cooked and easily digestible food is the best option. Food should be consumed in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Pitta tends to have the strongest digestive system and can eat a little bit of everything, but has to be careful not to disturb by too much salt, sour and spicy. Pitta is a hot dosha, and benefits from the opposites, cool, summer dishes. Salads and legumes are especially good. Pitta also should choose soothing and orderly environment to eat meals.

Kapha dosha slowly gets affected by food, but if eating too much sweets and rich food over time will become imbalanced. The best diet for Kapha is the one that brings lightness, such as light breakfast and dinner, lightly cooked meal and raw vegetables. Generally anything that makes eating stimulating will help to bring balance in Kapha.

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