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What causes diabetes are still not 100% clear. Causes of diabetes can be different depending on the types. In case of Type one, unless something very obvious happens, for example removal of pancreas, it is almost impossible to establish the reason. However certain factors may increase chances of developing the illness.

• Heredity, especially if your father had Type one, or both parents;

• Viral infections. The infection may attack and destroy beta cells in some people.

• Early exposure to cow’s milk. Some research suggests, that stopping breastfeeding before 4 months may increase risk of developing Type one. Although this phenomena is not broadly supported by all studies.

What causes diabetes Type two? Number of patients diagnosed is increasing rapidly. Major contributing factors to the illness are:

• Obesity and body shape, research shows that the risk of developing Type 2 can increase up to 85%. Fat around your waste line pushes directly major organs and does not allow functioning properly. So watch your waste.

• Genes and ethnic background may matter. South Asian, African and Caribbean descent are five times more likely to develop. Or if you have an identical twin with Type 2 diabetes, your risk increases by as much as 90%.

• Body, which lacks of movements and exercise is a paradise for the diabetes to reside. Don’t stagnate, move!

• Those born with a low weight, less than 2.5kg (5 1/2lb) are seven times more likely to suffer.

• Some drugs.

• Hormonal disorders.

Some of the reasons of what causes diabetes come from your daily activities, such as choice of food and exercise level, which regulates the body blood sugar level. Why does it matter? You need to maintain optimum glucose level and avoid its fluctuations. Discover more about Root Cause for Diabetes and how to trigger your body to produce more insulin Click here!

If you choose to eat processed food and too much sweet, your blood sugar level rises quickly, because this kind of food metabolises fast. Pancreas then moves large amount of sugar from blood into cells, which causes huge drop in blood-sugar level as all the glucose is moved out.

On the other hand, if you choose to eat slow releasing food, such as wholefood, you slowly feed glucose into bloodstream, this way the body avoids stress of rapid sugar drop. You can also mess up acceptable level of glucose if you skip meals.

End result of the blood sugar fluctuations? Type 2 diabetes. Have I mentioned before? Nothing happens overnight!


Good news is that you can often reverse or delay diabetes and related complications if you choose to lead a healthy life. On the other hand, you may reach no return point. Not so good news, but you can manage your diabetes in a way that it is possible to continue and enjoy the life.

So please, it is vital, get clear about what causes diabetes and use helping hand from the nature.

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